FN 509 Midsize in holster / Photo by Chris O'Neil

The Federal Bureau of Investigations is looking to review the personal information of concealed-carry permit holders in Missouri.

Senator Josh Hawley recently asked FBI director Christoper Wray about why the department was requesting this personal information now when they have not previously requested this information.

Senator Josh Hawley asked several questions of director Wray and got very few responses, and those responses he did get were limited in scope.

After some back and forth, Hawley descended into anger and pointed out that Wray was asked about this issue previously by the Attorney General of Missouri and by Hawley personally.

One prominent issue in this back and forth was the Missouri law that prevents local law enforcement from engaging with federal authorities on issues related to the 2nd Amendment. These sanctuary laws were passed to protect residents from national gun control measures, and in asking for this information, Wray is asking these local authorities to break state law.

You can watch the full exchange below:


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