FN 509 Midsize in a hard-shell travel case / Photo by Jack Shepherd

Millions in federal funding go into gun control efforts. While some of these efforts were bills voted on by representatives or appointed officials from an elected administration, the money went to research groups outside the government. While this may seem relatively benign initially, some of these groups and organizations are straight-up throwing away money on projects no voter would support.

While this has been an ongoing affair, a recent report points out that some gun violence prevention money will study the efficacy of putting a garden on every street corner in America.

From the Washington Times:

Scores of federally funded gun violence studies have been launched since Congress opened the spigot for taxpayer dollars for the research, which was closed for more than two decades over conservatives’ fears that it would advance the cause of gun control advocates.

Marking a significant defeat for the gun lobby, lawmakers in Washington have set aside roughly $75 million since 2019 for the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to research gun violence.

The studies are examining the effectiveness of various programs, including an online youth educational website, a project to turn empty street corners into gardens and a close look at K-12 firearm prevention tactics.

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