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In a desperate effort to get people to turn over their arms, the Canadian government will shell out massive amounts of cash in exchange for AR-15 rifles.


As you may well know, localities throughout America have seen the buyback as a way to get these “dangerous” guns off the street, and they offer massive amounts of cash for your cooperation. Some localities break the bank by offering up 5-year-old refurbished IPads, and others shell out $100 gift cards to McDonald’s, really stellar prizes for those looking to offload grandpa’s WWII relic. Please take note of the sarcasm.

They are playing by a completely different set of rules in Canada, and their efforts go well beyond the gas card pedaling police departments here in the states. The Canadian government is offering $1,337 as compensation for turning in AR-15s under a new proposal.

Officials in Ottawa said that this program is meant to reflect what gun owners paid for their firearms when they purchased them before Canada’s “Assault Weapon” ban.

“Today’s proposed price list represents another step towards getting these dangerous firearms out of Canadian communities while ensuring current owners are compensated fairly,” said one minister.

This coming buyback program will be mandatory; all gun owners in Canada will be required to turn over their firearms, and this proposal is meant to establish the compensation they will receive in turn for cooperating. In addition, since the original ban in 2020, those in Canada that have owned the firearms that were banned are under amnesty. This amnesty will be in effect until October 30th, 2023.

Despite the actual effort being put in to compensate gun owners, a buyback is still a buyback. Furthermore, this mandatory buyback shows that Canadians do not have 2nd amendment rights to any extent if that were not already apparent by the various gun control schemes in the country.

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