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An agent for the ATF was caught on video photographing records from a gun store in Arizona.

As was reported in Armed American News:

Nagel noticed that Scott always had two cell phones – a government-issue phone and her personal cell.

This became important when he caught her copying pages from his A&D Book – using her personal cell phone.

The ATF requires gun dealers to maintain an Acquisition and Disposition book – a log of every firearm that’s acquired by the shop, as well as personal information of the buyers.

“Once she started recording the information from our books, I confronted her. I was concerned she was creating a database,” Nagel said. “She claimed that copying our records with her personal cell phone was ‘part of the purview of her investigation.’”

It was explained that this gun store had been under audit for two months and that this audit had managed to screw up business. In addition, the store owners took issue with the agent conducting the audit because of her strange behavior in and around the store.

The audit resulted in the revocation of the store’s federal licensing. However, according to the store owners, there were no significant issues with the store’s records, and the store had a proper inventory of all firearms. It is unclear at this point why the store had its license revoked, but the owners did say that there were a few minor clerical errors in their record keeping but that there was nothing major.

Above is a video the store owner recorded of the ATF agent taking photos of the store’s books.



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