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A petty dispute between two groups of people in Brisbane, Australia, resulted in the death of one man and a murder charge for another.

Recently a video has been making its way around the internet. The video features two groups of people arguing and exchanging insults. This exchange quickly turns into a fight. One man approaches the other group with his fists raised, and in response, one of the men from this group draws a knife from his pocket.

A second man from the first group approaches, looking to back up his associate. It was then that he was stabbed in the neck. This man, Laurie Michael Tagaloa, would die in mere seconds due to this injury. Tagaloa bled to death in seconds from the gruesome wound, and while he lay there bleeding, his friends carried on and tried to fight those that stabbed him.

The passerby that was filming this incident stayed and recorded the death of the 25-year-old Tagaloa. Tagaloa associates were off-screen fighting the other group of people, probably unaware that their friend had just died.

This video should serve as a reminder to all that petty squabbles are not worth your life. Gun owners should especially be aware that minor disputes could cost you everything.

Laurie Michael Tagaloa was unaware that a minor fight would cost him his life, and the individual who stabbed him in the fight probably didn’t know that this fight would result in his going to prison. However, the man responsible for this murder has already been apprehended by authorities, and his two associates are said to be working with police, meaning that they are most likely signing their buddy’s 25-year sentence.

Tagaloa could have avoided death, and the man who stabbed him could have avoided trouble with the police if they didn’t let their blood run hot. While this case happened in Australia, this sort of thing happens in the United States all the time.

Most crime is done in the moment, no planning, just tempers running hot. So it’s essential to keep a level head in life, things escalate quickly, and you never know what kind of lunatic you might be sitting next to.

Gun owners especially need to keep a level head. The idea behind carrying a firearm is that you hope never to use it for self-defense, but you take it so that if you need to, you can defend yourself.

District Attorney and low-level prosecutors are always looking to punish the guy with the gun. The laws are rigged against gun owners. It may be a clear-cut case of self-defense, but some will pursue the case anyway. If you have a lousy lawyer or fail to find any evidence to corroborate your claims, they might end up putting you behind bars.

There is also the case where you don’t make it home. Who is to say that you are the better shot? If some psycho picks a fight with you and draws first, you might not even be able to get a shot off. It’s best practice to keep a level head in life and walk away.

Petty fights are not worth your life. So some guy bumped into you on the street? So what. You would be shocked to see how many people escalate minor instances like this. Just let it go.

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