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New York Attorney General Letitia James announced Wednesday in a press release that she has filed a massive lawsuit against ten major firearm distributors who she alleges have sold “ghost gun” components to residents of New York.

The lawsuit will target the following companies: Brownells, 80 Percent Arms, 80P Freedom Co, Glockstore, Indie Guns, Primary Arms, Arm or Ally, Rainier Arms, Rainier Arms, KM Tactical LLC, and Rock Slide.

AG James’ Lawsuit will invoke the Public Nuisance Law in her lawsuit against these companies. Under this claim, the AG asserts that these distributors have endangered the health and safety of New Yorkers by selling dangerous and illegal products to residents of the state as well as failing to take action to prevent their products from falling into the hands of criminals and those who would seek to harm law-abiding citizens.

The lawsuit seeks to; expel these businesses from conducting business in New York, obtain restitution for damages caused by these products, elicit a public statement from each company regarding their false and misleading statements, and require that these businesses contribute to an abatement fund to eliminate public nuisances for which they are alleged to be the cause of.

Essentially, the state of New York wants to stop these companies from conducting any business in New York. The New York AG’s office has also opted to tack on monetary damages and what is effectively an admission of guilt from these companies.

The press release, in part, reads:

NEW YORK – New York Attorney General Letitia James today filed a landmark lawsuit against multiple gun distributors for fueling the gun violence crisis and endangering New Yorkers. In her nation-leading lawsuit, Attorney General James alleges that 10 gun distributors sold tens of thousands of illegal, unfinished frames and receivers to New Yorkers that were then converted into unserialized, untraceable handguns and assault-style weapons, known as ghost guns. These gun distributors violated several laws, including New York’s licensing laws, by selling weapons to felons and others without a background check. Attorney General James’ lawsuit stands out by detailing how these businesses repeatedly undermined the law and flooded New York’s streets with illegal ghost guns that harmed New Yorkers. For the first time, Attorney General James is invoking a newly enacted Public Nuisance statute to hold these gun distributors responsible. Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on New York’s gun laws, Attorney General James is taking action to protect New Yorkers and combat the gun violence crisis.

The businesses named in Attorney General James’ lawsuit are among the nation’s leading gun distributors. They include Brownells, Inc. (Brownells), Blackhawk Manufacturing Group (80 Percent Arms), Salvo Technologies, Inc. (80 P Builder or 80P Freedom Co), G.S. Performance, LLC (Glockstore), Indie Guns, LLC (Indie Guns), Primary Arms, LLC (Primary Arms), Arm or Ally, LLC (Arm or Ally), Rainier Arms, LLC (Rainier Arms), KM Tactical LLC, and Rock Slide USA, LLC (Rock Slide).

“While families mourned loved ones lost to senseless gun violence, gun sellers avoided accountability for the illegal and dangerous weapons they sold,” said Attorney General James. “There should be no more immunity for gun distributors bringing harm and havoc to New York. Today’s lawsuit holds 10 gun sellers accountable for fueling the gun violence crisis and endangering New Yorkers. Illegal guns do not belong on our streets or in our communities and we will use every tool necessary to root them out.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams will also be filing a lawsuit against some of these companies in conjunction with New York State AG Letitia James. Mayor Adams will be suing Arm or Ally, 80P Builder, Rockslide USA, Rainier Arms, and Indie Guns. Mayor Adams said in a statement, “We are not going to let gun companies turn New York City into a city of mail-order murder.”

“Whether they are hidden in the trunks of cars or packed in a plain brown box, ghost guns are illegal in our city, and we will take every lawful action possible to stop gun retailers from profiting at the expense of the safety of our city,” he continued. “That’s why, this morning, the City of New York filed its own lawsuit against five online gun retailers that are illegally selling and delivering ghost gun components to addresses here in this city. We will not stand by while illegal operators flout the law, endanger our communities, and kill our young people.”

New York Assemblymember Charles D. Lavine said in reference to the lawsuit that the community must “do whatever is necessary to stop the flow of untraceable weapons flooding into our communities.” Assemblymember Lavine continued, “As the sponsor of the Scott J. Beigel Unfinished Receivers Act banning the sale and possession of ghost guns, I commend the office of Attorney General Letitia James for taking this vital action which will save lives.”

“As New Yorkers confront the devastation of gun violence every single day in this state, nefarious gun dealers have been illegally flooding our New York communities with untraceable, unserialized firearm frames and receivers,” said Rebecca Fischer, the executive director of the New Yorkers Gun Violence organization. “For years, the gun industry has been profiting off of New Yorkers’ lives with zero accountability but now, thanks to New York’s exceptional leadership, this state has a strong gun industry liability law. Today, we applaud New York Attorney General James and the city of New York for standing up to the gun lobby and filing this lawsuit to hold dangerous businesses liable for the death, harm, and trauma they have caused to New Yorkers.”

The state of New York has been building a massive crackdown on so-call “ghost guns” or homemade firearms over the past few years. This new lawsuit is yet another effort by the state to take down people’s access to firearms. Previously, New York Attorney General Letitia James had sent a letter to the Department of Justice urging them to stop the proliferation of homemade firearms by expanding federal regulations for the industry.

AG James also famously led a coalition of 21 states in filing an amicus brief in Grewal v. Defense Distributed. In this case, AG James referred to Defense Distributed as a company “disseminating dangerous 3D-printed gun files on the internet.” Anyone familiar with Defense Distributed will tell you that this organization only publishes files that would allow you to 3D print firearms so long as you know to do so; the company also sells a kit called the “Ghost Gunner,” which handles a lot of the machining reacquired to create a firearm at home.

This new lawsuit from Letitia James on behalf of the state of New York is just another effort by the gun grabbers to take down this new side of the 2nd Amendment.

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