The Capitol Behind Bars / Photo by Chris O'Neil

Earlier this week several Republicans aided Democrat gun control efforts by voting to pass the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. In total, there were 15 Republican Senators who voted to pass this bill. To understand the full extent of this legislation, we published a report on the bill here.

Here are the 14 Republican Senators who voted to pass the legislation:

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Just me
Just me
12 days ago

Treasonous RINOS!!


[…] the Republican Senators who pushed this legislation, of which were 15, many of them are recipients of NRA funding. These are the 11 US Senators who received the most […]


[…] The Senate has released the text of the highly-anticipated “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act” to the public. Negotiations over the contents of this legislation were spearheaded by Republican Senators Thom Tills(R-Nc) and John Cornyn(R-Tx), as well as Democrat Senators Krysten Sinema(D-Az) and Chris Murphy(D-Ct). This 80-page bill was able to pass with the assistance of several Republicans. To see a full list of the Republicans that voted to pass this legislation, click here. […]

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