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Arizona Representative Andy Biggs came out in an interview with Breitbart News to say that the current push for Gun Control in government will not end any time soon and that we should expect to see ammo and ammunition manufacturers come under fire next.

“I expect some additional gun control legislation to come out of the House. I expect there will be an attempt to do an ‘assault weapons’ ban, I think they’re going to continue to try to eliminate liability protections on gun manufacturers, and I think they’re also going to go after ammunition and ammunition manufacturers,” Rep. Biggs told Breitbart.

In his interview, Rep. Biggs suggested to Breitbart that Republicans were going to fold on most of the gun control measures put forward. “When gun control reared its head again, after Uvalde, I expected 20 members of Senate Republicans to cave and give things like red flag laws and whatever else that the House pushing,” He explained.

In the interview, Rep. Biggs noted that this caving to Democrat demands was not going to meet with praise from gun owners. Rep. Biggs pointed out that Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) was already chastised for his effort to pass this bipartisan gun control bill. In reference to Sen. John Cornyn getting booed at a Texas GOP Convention, Rep. Biggs said, “That response indicates that gun owners are not real pleased with the Republicans that are undermining the Second Amendment.”

As part of his interview with Breitbart, Rep. Biggs highlighted the launch of a new 2A watchdog group, the Arizona Second Amendment Coalition (ASAC). This organization is a group of Arizonans that fight for the Second Amendment. ASAC has likely formed due to organizations like the NRA failing to do anything meaningful regarding protecting the 2nd Amendment.

Concerning the ASAC group, Rep. Biggs said, “We’re trying to make it a broad-based coalition where we talk about challenges to the exercise of Second Amendment rights. Whether that is an ATF challenge, something the Biden administration is doing, or what policies–local, state, and federal–that may either positively or negatively impact the Second Amendment.”

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