Photo by DickClarkMises via Wikimedia Commons

Things are not looking good for those without massive stockpiles of ammo! According to recent reports, it would appear that the US Military is looking to cut off the supply of 5.56 to the general public.

Larry Keane, a Big Wig over at the National Shooting Sports Foundation, gave the public a heads up on the recent debates being held by the top brass in Washington.

This is a huge deal, it is estimated that these sales to the public make up around 30% of the 5.56 supply in America. This would mean that gun stores are going to have to raise prices on one of America’s most common types of ammunition.

Ammo is already hard to come by, as more American’s decided to pick up arms in recent years, and this is going to suck for the consumer if these rumors prove true.

That all being said, these are just rumors. These rumors are coming from credible sources though.

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