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Canada’s Prime Minister has recently come out against the very idea of using firearms for self-defense. While appearing on a podcast to discuss his latest set of firearm reforms Trudeau declared that no one in Canada has a right to defend themselves, their families, or their property with a firearm.

The prime minister has recently pushed for all manner of gun reforms including a total freeze on the sale, transferring, and purchase of handguns in the country.

Canada is no stranger to gun control and its gun laws are more comparable to those in Europe than those in even the strictest states.

Trudeau made these comments on the Pod Save America Podcast while discussing the latest round of gun reform. These comments are not meant to be banter, these are his real thoughts on the matter.

Similar proposals to the ones made in Canada have been suggested in the United States in the past and it should be noted that because Canada is planning to pass these laws(and will likely do so) the gun grabbers in America are going to make similar efforts and there will be Republicans that fold on the issue.

No amount of gun control is enough for these people. Justin Trudeau’s belief that you do not have a right to self-preservation is not exclusive to him. Many in America share those same beliefs and will push for laws that represented those beliefs. Be prepared, there is no end to gun control in sight.

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