The Capitol / Photo by Chris O'Neil

Democrats and Republicans have come together once again to stick it to the American people and light $1,000 cigars with the smoldering remains of our Constitution. 20 US Senators came forward today to talk about another new slate of gun control measures that they intend to pass in the coming weeks.

The gun control passage that these Senators intend to pass includes enhanced background checks, federal funding for Red Flag law programs, mental health and school safety funding, and closure of the “boyfriend loophole“.

The “boyfriend loophole” is the latest “loophole” that the gun grabbers have come up with, once again this is simply adding additional penalties for something that is already a crime. This alleged loophole in our system is one that allows for one’s significant other to purchase a firearm for their partner despite them not being allowed to own a firearm.

Buying a firearm for someone who is not allowed to have one is already a crime in the United States, this is called a straw purchase and the renaming of this as it pertains to a specific scenario has been done so for political purposes. When there is no problem to solve they will create one.

The following Senators were a part of this announcement; Blumenthal, Blunt, Booker, Burr, Cassidy, Collins, Coons, Cornyn, Murphy, Graham, Heinrich, Kelly, King, Manchin, Portman, Romney, Sinema, Stabenow, Tillis, Toomey.

It should be noted that many of the Republicans on this list are officials who are stepping down from office or are not running for reelection.

None of the proposals in this legislation would have impacted either of the recent shootings and even the gun grabber lobby is dissatisfied with this legislation. It should be noted for the Republicans that supported this effort that this group of lobbyists in Washington will not be impressed and neither will voters, you will still be hated, the only thing efforts like these do is turn away more voters.

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Terry Kellner
Terry Kellner
21 days ago

Democrats and RINOs got together. No true Republicans were involved.

the old dog
the old dog
17 days ago

Oh, yeah, riiiight! Any time you hear somebody refer to “common sense”, you can be sure that they intend to grab your guns. Try to remember: The first thing MAO did, was to take away his people’s guns. You might alsio browsed tghrough history and count how many countries stripped their people of their guns, immediately thereafter, assuming tyrannical power over them. By the way, you might want to read the Preamble to the Constitution, and go look up the definitions of the words “ordain” and “establish”. They ain’t no suggestions, son, they intended their words to be LAW, FEDERAL LAW. ……Which our glorious Prezz failed to notice…….

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