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President Joe Biden is constantly facing heat over his moves against the second amendment and for his son’s personal scandals involving firearms. Things have recently taken a turn and the ATF is alleged to have made a decision regarding President Biden’s personal scandal involving firearms.

For those outside the know, President Biden displayed several firearms including “ghost guns” during a recent press conference about gun control. Biden held up and showcased these firearms on the White House lawn for the sake of the press and hammering home his latest slate of proposals. By doing this President Biden broke several of the very gun control laws that he himself supports.

Conservative media sought to make a big fuss about this and numerous outlets and publications reached out to the ATF in regards to the incident. Finally looks like the peanut gallery got their answer… President Joe Biden will not be getting hit with the long arm of the law for this one. Go figure.

If we are keeping things on the up and up here this is totally correct. Obviously, a President can use props for the sake of making a proposal to the public. That being said this is an excellent opportunity to draw attention to some other fishy business old Joe and his keen hunter of a son has gotten up to.

Hunter Biden is an interesting figure to say the least, the alleged drug addict has been seen numerous times getting involved with firearms when he is disqualified from purchasing and owning them.

Newly unearthed footage shows Hunter Biden smoking something out of a pipe with what appears to be a prostitute and in the final seconds of the video we see Hunter Biden with a handgun. For those unfamiliar with our brilliant legal system, this would rack up an average Joe with time behind bars and a hefty set of fines.

In the past Hunter Biden has managed to obtain a firearm and dispose of it with the help of his old man. Back in 2018, Hunter Biden purchased a firearm under dubious circumstances from a local gun store. Once his brother’s widow found out about the firearm she moved quickly to get rid of it, and what a better place than the trashcans by a local high school. The police when searching for the firearm after they were alerted to the incident and came up short.

Soon after this, the secret service became involved and went looking for the missing gun. The secret service also stopped by the gun store he purchased it from and made sure to pick up all the paperwork relating to the sale of the firearm before skipping town. Thankfully, a local man who regularly dumpster dives found the handgun before anyone else and handed it over to the police.

Understand that the Biden family regularly gets away with doing whatever they want with firearms, had you or I done what Hunter Biden did we would have been sent to prison. Hunter though gets off scot-free just like another famous Democrat’s alcoholic husband.

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