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Republicans in the House just gave Democrats a major win in the House when it comes to gun control. Late last night the House held a vote on a bill that would raise the minimum age for buying a semi-automatic rifle to 21 nationally. Several Republicans sided with Democrats and voted to pass the legislation while only 2 Democrats voted against the measure.

The 10 Republicans who voted to pass the legislation were Representatives; Fitzpatrick(PA), Gonzalez(OH), Jacobs(NY), Katko(NY), Kinzinger(IL), Malliotakis(NY), Salazar(FL), Smith(NJ), Turner(OH), Upton(MI).

Two Democrats voted against the legislation; Jared Golden(ME) and Kirt Shrader(OR).

This legislation was a direct response to the mass shootings in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas.

Democrats are going to be able to walk away from this with a massive win politically and will be able to push for more gun control in the future. Americans, young Americans in particular, are going to be taking the brunt of this one.

Young Americans may soon be unable to use their 2nd Amendment rights as it pertains to long arms as a result of this legislation. This likely wouldn’t be a real point of discussion if the age at which you are considered an adult was standardized. An 18-year-old is free to vote, join the military, and drive, but can not smoke or buy most types of guns.

Those members of the GOP that voted for this legislation have accomplished nothing, the aiding and abetting of this violation of the constitution will go unawarded from the powers that be. The media will still slam these individuals and defame them as racists, homophobes, misogynists, and as people who reveal in the killing of children. Members of the Democrat party will still openly advocate for their assassination on public platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Ultimately this legislation only punishes those who have committed no crime and will further other Democrat gun control agenda items.

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