Virginia State Trooper on Patrol / Photo by Tony Alter via Wikimedia Commons

During the course of the shooting in Buffalo New York, a 911 dispatcher hung up on a victim of the shooting for unknown reasons.

As the events of the attack at a Tops Supermarket in Buffalo, New York began to unfold one shopper called 911 with the hopes of getting help there quickly, unfortunately, the 911 dispatcher who she was speaking with hung up on her.

From Unilad: 

Speaking on a voice call with Buffalo broadcaster WGRZ, she said: “I didn’t really see much at all, I just heard the gunshots and just dropped down to the ground and just waited for him to stop.

He just wouldn’t stop so I tried to call 911 and I was whispering because I could hear him close by… when I whispered on the phone to 911, the dispatcher started yelling at me, saying ‘why are you whispering, you don’t have to whisper’.

“And I’m trying to tell her, like ‘ma’am he’s in the store, he’s shooting, he’s an active shooter, I’m scared for my life’ and she said something crazy to me and then she hung up in my face.

“I had to call my boyfriend and tell him to call 911.”

Sadly, 911 dispatchers have been in the news a lot recently. One woman in New York City called the police with hopes of them taking away her ex-boyfriend who had broken into her home and attacked her, in that case, the police showed up 12 hours later.

As we reported earlier: 

A New York Woman who had recently broken up with her boyfriend had her home broken into by said ex-boyfriend who was acting violently and even attacked her. The terrified woman had called 911 in an effort to get help on three occasions that night, but the police did not come until the next day.

Jennifer Vega was at home when a crash was heard in her New York apartment. Vega investigated the noise and found that it was her ex-boyfriend, who she had recently had a falling out with, breaking into her apartment through the bedroom window.  Upon Seeing this, Vega attempted to call the authorities so that they could deal with the situation.

The man, Manual Rivera, slashed her with a broken liquor bottle. Vega had been injured by the attack and once again attempted to get into contact with the authorities.

Rivera got the message that he wasn’t supposed to be there and went outside. Rivera waited, seemingly peacefully, for the police to arrive outside for a period of 2 hours.

After some time went by, Vega called the police a third time so that they could come pick up Rivera. When 2 hours had passed Rivera entered the home again and began to rant and rave.

Rivera finally left the home and disappeared into the night after this. Vega was left alone with her children and patched up her wounds before heading to bed.

At 9:27 AM the next day there was a knock at the door, it was the police who had finally arrived to assess the situation.

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