Hunting on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands in Oregon requires a valid hunting license from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. / BLM photo via ( Flickr

For several years the state of Vermont has restricted the use of suppressors to ranges, things are set to change soon as hunters and outdoorsmen will be able to utilize this attachment in the field.

New legislation in Vermont will allow the use of suppressors for hunting. Previously the attachments were only used for sport and target shooting on ranges.

Senate Bill 281 was passed after a long and arduous journey through the cogs of local government, the final vote in the state Senate ended 89-49 in favor of passing the legisaltion. The bill will head to Vermont Governor Phil Scott’s desk in order to be signed, something that he has already signaled he will do.

Debate on this legislation only went smoothly as a result of an endorsement from the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department.

Co-chair of the Vermont Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus,  Rep. Patrick Brennan, is the one who spearheaded this legsialtion. Back in 2015, this effort from Rep. Brennan started when he pushed to legalize suppressors in the state and overturn the 103-year old ban.

In a statment Rep. Brennan said: “With the passage of S. 281, Vermont outdoorsmen and women finally have the ability to protect their hearing and the hearing of the youth hunting community as well. This bill was a long time in the works, but it has finally come to fruition thanks to the cooperation of many, most especially the Department of Fish and Wildlife and its Commissioner.

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