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The NRA is in hot water and the New York Attorney General has made new allegations against the organization that may result in serious penalties for the organization’s leadership. 

New York AG Letitia James has amended her complaint against the organization and within this amended document new allegations are being made against the organization. Most of the new allegations revolve around financial mismanagement within the top ranks of the group. 

One bright side of this amended filing is that the New York AG is no longer looking to dissolve the organization and is instead looking to punish its leadership for financial mismanagement. 

NRA in Danger is a group of NRA members, all of whom are life or above, who are deeply concerned about the organization and its future. This group of members feels that the NRA has made the “worst possible decisions” regarding the organization during the course of AG James’ investigation. This group has gone through the new complaint and picked out the allegations being made.

Here are the new allegations being made against the NRA: 

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