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Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Stacy Abrams has promised to repeal Constitutional Carry if elected in November.

Stacy Abrams said that she would repeal the measure in a speech at one of her political events.

“It is making people more paranoid about their safety. We should not make concealed carry permits a thing of the past and as the governor of Georgia, I will work with every single person I can to repeal these senseless gun laws we’ve put on the books in the last decade.”

Georgia’s Constitutional Carry was signed into law by current Governor Biran Kemp just a few weeks ago. Kemp is battling out his own primary but is maintaining a vast lead over the competition, including former Senator David Perdue who was endorsed by former President Donald J. Trump. While Kemp is in a heated primary, Abrams has no primary challengers and will likely slide into the nomination easily.

The current split in the Georgia House and early polling suggests that Democrats in the state of Georgia have a snowball’s chance in H*ll of actually winning the Governor’s mansion and both chambers of the legislature. Cam Edwards at Bearing Arms points out that the odds of Democrats taking home anything in Georgia this November are similar to that of David Chipman being named the head of the NRA, slim to none to be precise.

As for Kemp, he is not a man who is afraid of running on the 2nd Amendment in his political campaigns.

As reported in WALB:

While at his stop in Sylvester, Kemp also talked about signing the constitutional carry bill into law.

Kemp said it’s a critical issue. He also said he doesn’t believe it will cause crime to go up.

“Well, it’s hard to imagine more crime that what we have around our country right now. This is a public safety issue. This is why people want constitutional carry. You know, everybody that’s got the guns are criminals and bad people. What we need to do is give law-abiding citizens the ability to carry a handgun without a piece of paper from the government. Which they have in the United States constitution with the second amendment. Which is all we have done,” Kemp said.

Kemp said he believes this new law will not drastically change things and instead, help people across the Peach State.

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