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Elon Musk’s take over of social media platform Twitter has been met with mixed reactions from across the political spectrum. Many on the American left are railing against his purchase as an assault on Democracy and those on the American right are hailing this as a change for the better in regards to Freedom of Speech. That understood there are some other amendments that this purchase could have an impact on, namely the 2nd Amendment.

Elon Musk has promised to make Twitter a more politically inclusive place that respects Free Speech, Musk is also all about making money from his purchase. These two factors should open the door for fair and honest decisions about firearm policy and for firearm advertising.

Firearms are a forbidden topic on most social media platforms with the only real exceptions being Instagram and YouTube.

On Instagram, you still run the risk of catching a ban as a result of a liberal moderator having a bad day and the ever-present threat of shadowbans is still very real. The terms of service on Instagram are vague enough to allow these moderators to shut down firearms accounts on little more than a whim.

Over on YouTube, there appears to be an honest effort from the platform to allow for firearm content but terms of service and the advice account representatives give YouTube creators tell us that these silicon valley types don’t understand firearms in the slightest. This lack of understanding results in some bizarre policies that no one who makes content for the platform understands, bans on incendiary ammo in videos and “firearm construction” are just two things that come to mind.

Even though these two platforms have a plethora of firearms content on them, they are far from perfect and the social media landscape is due for a change. Twitter might just be the change we are all looking for.

We don’t really have any concrete evidence that Elon Musk will be good for 2A on social media, that being said, anything is better than what the industry and community have been subjected to over the past few years. Things online are bad enough to the point where many feel that any change will do, regardless of what that change is.

If Elon Musk turns out to be another gun nut, or just a reasonable guy, then we can expect to see the firearms industry flock to Twitter to promote their products. This would be a good thing not only for the industry but for you, the consumer.

Another thing to look forward to might be a return of firearms content on Twitter. Several years ago, Twitter hosted a lot of firearms content but these creators fled for greener pastures. We may see a return to this type of content on the platform.

Let’s hope Elon Musk is the social media savior people think he is, if Musk isn’t going to change the landscape then its just more of the same. The only thing you risk by putting your hopes in the man is possible disapointment.

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