FN 509 Midsize with Flashlight / Photo by Jack Shepherd

Here is the scenario, you are laying down one night trying to catch a few Zs before work in the morning when you get a call. The call is coming from your old lady and she tells you that some male nurse is breaking down her front door.

That scenario isn’t fiction! It really happened.

In Huston, Texas a man had disguised himself in scrubs and attempted a home invasion according to Huston PD.

The man first knocked on the door of an older woman and tried to convince her to let him in after she answered. The woman refused to let the man inside her home and closed the door. The man then tried to force his way inside the home.

The woman called her son and told him that someone was breaking into her home. The son arrived before authorities did and gunned the would-be intruder down before he could fully get into the home.

As reported in KHOU11:

The son told officers he rushed home and found by that time he arrived, the man had broken in the door.

HPD said the son shot and killed the intruder as he was trying to breaking into their house.

“It doesn’t look like there’s any relation at all, it was just a random thing,” HPD Lt. J.P. Horelica said. “The home health care that dropped on the original radio was part a ruse to try to gain entry in the home. When that didn’t work, he tried to force entry in there.”


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2 months ago

Gun control means head-shots when needed.

ollie octopus
ollie octopus
1 month ago

Shoot for the biggest part of the body and shoot three times. People have gotten back up after one shot, but seldom after being hit three times.

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