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The Santa Fe Sheriff’s office has begun releasing all the evidence involved with the shooting on the Rust set and some of what we are seeing is interesting, to say the least.

Alec Baldwin was adamant about the fact that he did not fire the round that killed Hylana Hutchins and wounded a director. While in an ABC interview he claimed that the gun just went off without him having pulled the trigger.

Testing by numerous individuals concluded that this was not likely what happened and now video evidence suggests that Alec Baldwin did in fact pull the trigger.

The video below was released by the sheriff’s office and this was the scene where the accident occurred. This was likely a take just before the accident happened. See if you can catch the problem.

The new footage shows Alec Baldwin with his finger on the trigger while filming the scene. This isn’t exactly a major taboo considering this was on a movie set and this was a shot for a movie, the problem is this flys in the face of his previous claims that he did not pull the trigger.

While on a movie set and while cleaning guns some of the rules regarding firearm safety go out the window, but it is because of this that other precautions need to be put in place. When filming with guns it is important to ensure that there is no live ammo on set or on location and it is important to do this while cleaning guns as well.

These other precautions were not taken on the set of Rust and Alec Baldwin is to blame not solely because he is the actor responsible for what happened but because this was his movie and he was in charge. Baldwin neglected to keep his workplace safe and even avoided taking training from the set’s staff, these were his responsibilities.

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