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The Biden Administration is facing a lot of heat for its choice of ATF nominee but the 2A implications are not the only thing people are taking issue with, some groups are now calling out the Biden administration for alleged racism when it comes to their nominee.

The largest group of black gun owners, The National African American Gun Association, is accusing the Biden Administration of prioritizing gun control over diversity.

Acting director of the ATF, Marvin Richardson, is not only African American but has 30 years of experience at the agency and by many accounts is a good fit for the position considering his tenure and low profile. The National African American Gun Association(NAAGA) said that they were unhappy with his being removed for two white nominees.

NAAGA President Philip Smith told The Reloadwhile we cannot say with certainty why Mr. Richardson has been passed over twice for directorship and has been currently demoted, the pattern and speed of these actions has the appearance of being racially motivated and/or politically expedient.

The reason these accusations have any grounds is because of this administration’s focus on diversity, the Biden team seems to pick and chose nominees based on the color of their skin and their sexual identity rather than what they are capable.

These accusations are also interesting considering that the first nominee for the position, David Chipman, was potentially a racist. At the time of his nomination, there were several members of the ATF who came forward to tell their stories about Chipman’s promotion habits regarding African American agents.

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