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The recent subway shooting in New York couldn’t have come at a better time for Democrats, Joe Biden had just unleashed his latest slew of gun control proposals and the media was chomping at the bit for a fresh set of warm bodies. They got what they wanted, another tragedy, and now they get to play politics in the mud just the way they like.

A media outlet in Texas, The Houston Chronicle, recently took to comparing Texas Senator Ted Cruz to the perpetrator of the recent subway shooting in New York.

As explained by Newsweek: 

On Monday, the Houston Chronicle editorial board criticized Cruz for promoting “Second-Amendment absolutism” amid a rise in U.S. gun violence. The editorial comes after Cruz and three other Republican senators announced last week that they would attempt to stop Biden’s latest gun control measure, which is meant to stop Americans from purchasing so-called “ghost guns,” unlicensed firearm kits that can be self-assembled at home.

“Cruz’s Second-Amendment absolutism makes about as much sense as a man stepping into a subway car and opening fire with a Glock,” the newspaper wrote, in reference to a shooting at a subway station in New York City last week that left 29 people injured.

As polls show, most Americans realize that modest gun-safety measures have nothing to do with abridging Second Amendment rights. They have to do with pushing back against only-in-this-country gun insanity, insanity that tolerates gun deaths as mere collateral damage. Only in this country can we rise up and say ‘enough,'” it added.

The newspaper’s criticism came after Cruz claimed that Biden’s crackdown on the unlicensed firearms creates a “false narrative” and “anti-gun sentiment” that the ghost guns lead to a rise in crime.

Ted Cruz made some very non-controversial remarks regarding the Biden administration’s new gun control agenda, Cruz did not say anything that far out of line, in fact you would have to be insane to take what Cruz said as anything highly controversial. Despite the lack of controversy, the brave and hard-working journalists over at The Houston Chronicle had figured out who they were going to blame for the recent tragedy alongside the “Ghost Guns” that were not present in the event.

It requires extensive mental gymnastics to make the connection between Ted Cruz and the man who perpetrated the tragedy in New York City’s subway system. The idea behind making this connection is to dehumanize Cruz and report him as someone who does not care about innocent lives.

It should be noted that the shooting in question took place in New York City which has the strictest gun laws in the nation. It’s almost as if the endless slew of gun control policies don’t actually stop criminals and mad men from doing what they want to do. It would seem as if these gun control regulations only prevent everyday people who follow the from being able to stand up for themselves.

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