The Sig MCX Spear with Suppressor and Optic / Photo by Sig Sauer

US Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith(R-Mi) has cosponsored legislation to reform current laws about suppressors.

The Hearing Protection Act would reclassify suppressors as firearms meaning that just about anyone could pick them up and they would not have to pay for a tax stamp.

As reported in The Daily Leader: 

“Eliminating a lot of the red tape that restricts access to suppressors could help hunters and sport shooters in Mississippi avoid permanent hearing damage,” Hyde-Smith said.  “The Hearing Protection Act would make commonsense improvements to make it easier for responsible, law-abiding Americans to enjoy their Second Amendment rights and protect their hearing.”

Regulated under the National Firearms Act (NFA), suppressors are subject to additional burdens that often exceed those imposed by more liberal European nations that actually require their use to reduce hearing-related injuries.

This would be a major win for firearm owners everywhere, hearing damage is a real consequence of frequent range days and this is the only plausible solution to that problem.

This legislation would do the following:

  • Reclassify suppressors to be regulated as regular firearms.
  • Take suppressors out of NFA jurisdiction
  • Make the process of buying a suppressor like that of buying a standard rifle or shotgun
  • Tax suppressors under the Pittman-Robertson ACT instead of the NFA
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