FN 509 Midsize in it's holster with the provided lock and a spare magazine. / Photo by Chris O'Neil

The manager of a Dollar General in Northern Philadelphia turned the tables on a would be thief this past week.

A 36-year-old man entered the Dollar General wearing all black, announced he had a gun, and demanded that the cashier hand him all of the cash in the register.

The cashier stealthily signaled to the manager what was going on, when the manager came over and figured out what was happening he tried to reason with the man.

This robber attempted to threated the manager by gesturing towards him and exclaiming that he had a gun.

The manager then drew his own firearm fired at the suspect two times, with one of the rounds hitting the suspect in the head.

When authorities arrived on the scene they declared that the suspect was DOA. After the authorities reviewed the security footage they gave the manager the all clear and announced that no charges would filed at this time.

As reported by CBS Local Philadelphia: 

“It appears that everything that was reported by the victims of this robbery is legitimate,” Inspector D.F. Pace, of the Philadelphia Police Department, said. “The shooter did in fact have a simulated weapon, which he communicated that to the store employees.”

Police will be reviewing that video again Friday to see if there was anyone else in the store at the time. Investigators say there may have been one other employee there as well.

But no other injuries were reported.

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