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NBC recently traveled to Pennsylvania to run a piece of “investigative reporting” into a company called JSD Supply. The company in question creates and markets 80% firearms, these are effectively pieces of metal or polymer that the end buyer finishes at home or at a shop by milling out the lower or receiver they purchase. The company all sells various components and attachments online.

The piece that NBC ran was effectively a hit piece on the company, it’s owner Jordan Vance, and homemade firearms. There are many allegations stemming from the hit piece including claims of staged photographs of certain non-firearms (polymer handgun frame without cuts). It would also appear that JDS Supply owner Jordan Vance was ambushed for a quick on the spot interview regarding his company and the very concept of “ghost guns”.  The footage as presented by NBC News was rife with cuts to footage of crime to reports of crime in manner that would lead viewers to think that there is some sort of epidemic of crime involving unserialized firearms.

As seen in Ammoland:

The NBC News report started with scary footage of stories of criminals using homemade firearms. It gave stats supplied by the anti-gun group, Giffords. NBC used a picture of a P80 lying in the streets. That P80 did not have the holes drilled out and did not have a trigger. The photo was staged. The worst thing you could do with that frame is throw it at someone, but it is plastic, so it probably wouldn’t hurt. Right away, I knew the report would not be fair. The reporter doesn’t touch on all the other ways criminals use violence against their victims. Most guns used in crimes are stolen and not homemade.

The piece shows the reporter buying a Polymer80 from the JSD Supply booth with a hidden camera. Eagle Shows does not allow filming inside its show. This filming goes to show that signs do not stop anything. Giffords, which supplies all the information for the report, fully supports gun-free zones, which are just signs. This report shows how weak their position is when it comes to stopping violence.

The reporter asked how to buy a kit and faked being shocked that you don’t need a background check. JSD Supply and Jordan, both believe it is a fundamental right of every American to own a firearm. He believes that every gun law is an unconstitutional restriction, and the government doesn’t have the right to know what guns someone owns.

NBC News goes on interview Jordan in an ambush-style. Jordan was walking in front of the show when the reporter ran up to him with a cameraman and a producer. Jordan answered the network’s questions honestly while sticking to his guns that he just sold parts and not fully functioning firearms. NBC took the 13-minute interview and selectively edited it (See Comparison below). NBC News uses the same techniques that they have accused Project Veritas of using. Below his name, they added “Ghost Gun Supplier,” which is a scary made-up term by anti-gun groups and politicians.

“Ghost gun” is a made up term often utilized by the gun control lobby and anti-gun politicians to make it seem like these firearms are more dangerous because they are untraceable. Politicians have been using this term with increasing frequency in an effort to create a problem that simply isn’t there.

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