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A man who allegedly had his home invaded and forced to defend his property made a pretty bold statement following the incident. The man’s words were rather crass and unapologetic, he simply said “Nobody else better break in — it’ll be a bigger gun this time.”

As reported by Breitbart: 

News 5 Cleveland reports that 74-year-old James Lowgher was asleep when he heard a 16-year-old allegedly breaking in through his front door.

Lowgher said, “He didn’t belong here and I knew damn well after he came through the door like that, I can shoot him.”

He added, “He headed to the basement and I pumped two into him there. He went down the steps that way and I got him a third time I hope.”

WKYC notes that Lowgher shot the 16-year-old “multiple times” and the teen was taken to the hospital in stable condition.

Now full disclosure, these are probably the last things you should ever say to the police or the media following an incident where you have to shoot someone. We have an in-depth guide on what to do if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to defend yourself with a firearm, check it out here.

In this case, the evidence is pretty clear and the age of the homeowner likely plays a role in the way authorities reacted to the statement. If this had been a younger gentleman or the evidence was a little less clear then authorities would likely take you downtown over comments like this. It is just not a good policy to speak in this manner to authorities, especially in situations like this.

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