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A man broke into a woman’s home armed with a handgun and ended up getting shot himself when the homeowner appeared with a firearm of her own.

The police told media that the woman had acted in self-defense and will not be charged as a result of this incident at this time. Police Lt. Ray Spencer told media that the woman had only shot the man, her ex-boyfriend, when he broke into her home and held a gun to the head of her current boyfriend.

As reported in the Las Vegas Sun:

Spencer said the woman, her current boyfriend and her three young children were in the home at about 4:30 a.m. when the woman called 911 as her former boyfriend smashed windows to gain entry into the home. The incident occurred on Seasons Avenue between Pecos Road and Eastern Avenue, near the I-215 Beltway.

Spencer said the woman had a gun, prompting the ex-boyfriend to leave the home before returning moments later with a gun of his own.

According to Spencer, the woman then shot the ex-boyfriend when he put his gun to the head of her current boyfriend.

No other injuries were reported and no identities were released.

The police have pointed out that the man had ample opportunity to leave the home before he was shot and this was a major contributing factor in their decision to consider this an act of self defense.

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