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New York Attorney General Letitia James may now have to stop her crusade against the NRA because a Judge has ruled that she can not dissolve the organization. 

Justice Joel Cohen of the New York State Court in Manhattan stated that the accusations of corruption being thrown at the NRA mainly concern harm done to the NRA, its donors, and its members and because of that this can be addressed by targeted, less intrusive release. 

A major caveat in this decision is that AG Letitia James is still free to pursue other claims against the NRA and individual advocates in her lawsuit, including NRA chief Executive Wayne LaPierre.

From the New York Post:

A Manhattan judge indicated Friday that he doesn’t believe New York’s attorney general has been illegally gunning for the National Rifle Association.

AG Letitia James filed suit against the gun rights group in 2020, claiming its top executives flouted nonprofit laws by diverting millions of agency dollars to fund their lavish lifestyles replete with trips to the Bahamas, safaris in Africa and jaunts on yachts.

The NRA filed counterclaims alleging that even while James was on the campaign trail, she made comments about going after the group, showing that she had “predetermined” to sue it simply because she disagreed with its political stances.

During a video hearing Friday, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Joel Cohen said, “The attorney general’s job is to decide what cases to bring and try to persuade a jury or a court.”

While the NRA can not be dissolved by New York Attorney General Letitia James, she is still free to pursue cases against the organization and several of its members. 

For those unaware, the NRA has been involved in a massive scandal over the past few years as it is alleged that several individuals inside the 2A organization embezzled money and used donations for personal expenses.

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