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For anyone clinging to hopes that Alec Baldwin is going to face the music for shooting that woman, you can take your hopes and throw it right in the bin.

Santa Fe DA Mary Carmack-Altwives is coming out to defend Baldwin. DA Carmack-Altwives is the official who would prosecute a case against Baldwin if things were to come to that, considering this it is safe to assume Baldwin is going to walk scott-free.

Santa Fe DA Carmack-Altwives spoke with Vanity Fair and told the publication that an “unofficial test” from her team of experts leaves the possibility for the firearm to have gone off without the trigger being pulled.

Alec Baldwin was on the set of Rust when a firearm he was holding went off with a live round in the chamber, this round killed one woman(Helayna Hutchins) and wounded one man(Joel Souza). Since the incident, Baldwin has claimed that he did not pull the trigger of the gun that went off. 

Carmack-Altwives said that she was surprised to hear Alec Baldwin claim he did not pull the trigger in the incident, Carmack-Altwives then went on to look into these claims in an unofficial capacity. According to Carmack-Altwives, these unofficial tests support Baldwin’s claim.

In her interview with Vanity Fair, Carmack-Altwives said “I didn’t know too much about guns, certainly not about 1850s-era revolvers. So when I first heard that, I was like, ‘Oh, that’s crazy.’”

Carmack-Altwives then went on to explain how these unofficial tests were conducted. “One of the investigators in my office happens to have a very old type revolver, and so he brought it, at my request, so that we could look at it and see if that was at all possible,” Carmack-Altwives told Vanity Fair. She then told the outlet that the owner of the firearm and another individual made sure the firearm was unloaded before conducting the test.

“Then they visually showed me you can pull the hammer back without actually pulling the trigger and without actually locking it,” Carmack-Altwives said. “So you pull it back partway, it doesn’t lock, and then if you let it go, the firing pin can hit the primer of the bullet.”

Carmack-Altwives also told Vanity Fair that she is investigating the sabotage claims made. For those unaware, some speculated that a Trump supporter switched the blanks for live ammo to set Baldwin up for the incident. There is no evidence for those claims at this time. “The notion that there’s sabotage — I mean, there is not one iota of evidence at this point,” said Carmack-Altwives.

One final piece of information we got from the Vanity Fair interview is that some crew members were allegedly shooting the guns during downtime, using live ammo. Carmack-Altwives flippantly suggested during the interview that some members of the crew were bringing live ammo onto the set so they could shoot the guns at targets during downtime.

Santa Fe Sheriff Adan Mendoza had his own take on the subject. While speaking with Fox News Digital Sheriff Mendoza said “Guns don’t just go off. So whatever needs to happen to manipulate the firearm, he did that, and it was in his hands.”

The Sheriff’s Department is still awaiting test results from the FBI that should be able to shed light on how the gun could have been fired. A full forensic analysis of the shooting is said to go public sometime in late February.

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