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Crime is on the rise in America, hence why so many Americans now feel the need to start packing, and everyone’s favorite Fox News Commentator Juan Williams has the answer to why.

Juan Williams recently wrote an op-ed for The Hill where he goes on to explain that yes, the murder rate is up, but Republicans and lax gun control laws are to blame.

Williams opens his op-ed saying that Republicans are going to use the nationwide rise in violent crime against Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections, which in his view is a strange thing to do. Williams points out that some of the states with the highest murder rates in the country are run by Republicans and have relaxed gun control laws. Williams goes on to say that these murders involve guns and he alludes to guns being the problem in these areas.

Williams’ piece then goes into how it is strange that Republicans would want to bring up crime considering the points he has brought up.

As a matter of fairness, Williams is correct in his assertion that Republican states in the south have been hit the hardest by the rise in violent crime. Nothing Williams says in the opening part of his article is incorrect, the Southern States are in fact run by Republicans and they do in fact lack gun control laws. The issue is how we look at these facts.

Most of the violent crimes and homicides being committed are being committed in major metropolitan areas, and this is not unique to the south. Across the countries, criminals have become emboldened in major metropolitan areas of the country as many criminals are now able to get off scot-free and new reforms enacted by liberal District Attorneys are the cause of that.

While Republicans may hold power at the state level, the local level is where meaningful policy that has an impact on crime is being created and Democrats have a firm grasp on many of these cities and counties.

As for Williams’ suggestion that guns may have something to do with the problem, the old adage still rings true; guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

There is an ideological schism in America about this adage. Many on the American left believe that if firearms are removed from the picture then crime rates will plummet, many on the American right think this would have a negligible effect on crime or might even cause crime rates to soar. This massive schism is irreparable, the debate has raged on for decades and there is no hope to be had when it comes to reaching across the aisle.

Williams’ op-ed should serve as a reminder that the debate on guns and the 2nd Amendment is one that will never end, the perspective of some people in America simply can not be changed.

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