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Several months ago Missouri passed a 2A preservation act that was meant to keep the federal government from using state resources to stomp out 2A, now other states are considering the measure with Wyoming being at the top of that list.

Republicans in the state of Wyoming have seen the popularity of this policy in Missouri and are willing to put all chips on black despite the legal trouble that Missouri has found itself in with the federal government.

Senate File 102 is the Second Amendment Preservation Act in Wyoming, it was introduced just a short while ago and this legislation will block any and all state officials or agencies from enforcing federal laws that violate the 2nd Amendment. The bill’s primary sponsor is Wyoming State Senator Larry Hicks but the bill has already picked up support from Wyoming State Senators Cooper, Driskill, Kinseky, Kolb, Kost, Nethercott, and Steinmetz. Several Wyoming Representatives have also joined the Senators in putting their weight behind the bill, these are Representatives Burkhart, Greear, Haroldson, Jennings, Olsen, and Styvar.

There is no reason this legislation shouldn’t pass and become law in the state, Wyoming is a dark red state and home to a lot of gun owners. After this legislation passes there will be legal trouble for the state just like we are seeing in Missouri right now. Republicans in the state are poking the pig with this move, but that is the whole point of the legislation.

Many are under the impression that states like Wyoming should wait to see how the Missouri law shakes out in court so that they can rewrite their own law to circumnavigate whatever legal ruling comes from the case. While this isn’t the worst idea it should be considered that you can just write a new law later after the Missouri case comes to a conclusion and let whatever law you pass now serve as a stop-gap until the boundaries are drawn.

It should be noted that a lot of people believe that these laws are meant to nullify federal law, this is not the case. These 2A preservation laws are meant to prevent state resources from being used to enforce federal gun control laws, the ATF and DOJ are still free to enforce the law, they just won’t get any help from state authorities. If you build a machine gun in your basement after the law passes you are still breaking federal law and will likely end up in prison if you get caught, the state is just not going to help the ATF hunt you down.

Things are looking good in Wyoming and gun owners who reside in the state should be ecstatic that their lawmakers are trying to take back ground in the battle for 2A.

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