Firearms are pictured during a press conference, outlining a new legal opinion from the Attorney General’s Office addressing the classification of “80% receivers,” which are most commonly used to make unserialized “ghost guns, inside the Governor's Reception Room at the State Capitol building on Monday, December 16, 2019. / Photo by Governor Tom Wolf via ( Flickr

A new bill in California will require parents of K-12 students to inform school officials whether or not they own any firearms, and if they do own firearms they are going to be required to notify the schools of how those firearms are stored.

The bill, California Senate Bill 906, has been authored by Anthony Portantino who has been anti-2nd Amendment for this entire career.

Anthony Portantio said that he brought the bill forward after seeing the mass shooting at an Oxford, Michigan high school. In that instance, the school received a credible threat but did not act. Portantio claims that his bill addresses what went wrong in that case and claims that this legislation will prevent another tragedy.

If we take a look at SB906 then we can see it is comprised of a few distinct parts, two of which are important to consider.

One part of the bill will require that gun owners disclose that fact to schools if they have a student enrolled there and then tell the school how their firearms are secured if they are.

The other important part of this bill is a requirement from school officials to look into a threat that is deemed credible. This would mean that school officials would have to look inside the lockers of students they believe to be harboring weapons or firearms if they are alleged to be doing so by another student.

Many Americans would find themselves supporting the later proposal but not the prior. These two proposals are in the same piece of legislation and because of that many won’t be putting their weight behind it, that said it won’t matter much as this legislation is up for debate in California and will likely pass to the sound of applause.

The first part of the legislation is little more than an attempt to demonize gun owners in the state of California, in recent months the tone of a lot of gun control efforts has shifted from hard-core gun control laws to measures meant to humiliate and demonize gun owners.

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