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The Biden Administration has announced a major crack down on so-called “ghost guns” or firearms without serial numbers.  

This crackdown has been coming down the pipeline for months and is being headed by the Biden Justice Department. Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that the DOJ will launch the National Ghost Gun Enforcement Initiative. This announcement comes just as President Biden and AG Garland head out to New York to discuss gun violence. 

The DOJ will be bringing federal charges against criminals who are caught using an unserialized firearm in any crime that they commit. This will mean that the full weight of the federal government will be brought down on a select few who do not have serial numbers on their firearms. 

The DOJ also intends on training prosecutors on issues related to unserialized firearms so that they can better enforce the laws surrounding them. 

The media is presenting this as a major win and they repeatedly state that these unserialized firearms are difficult to track. This is a win by appearances only for the Biden administration and will untimely do little to curb any kind of violence.

As for claims that unserialized firearms or “ghost guns” are difficult to track, firearms are not easily tracked as is and what law enforcement means by tracking firearms is discovering who was most likely the last owner of a firearm that they have found at the scene of a crime. 

The process of following a serial number to a past owner is extremely difficult and not a reliable way for authorities to bring criminals down. This is the way things currently are, but the Biden administration may be moving to change that very soon. The ATF has inappropriately kept records of gun sales from gun stores across the country and they are using the pandemic as an excuse not to get rid of these sales records, these records serve as a defacto registry for firearms. This illegitimate record keeping is not something that will be easily thwarted by advocacy groups or legislators and the Biden administration may start using these records in the near future as an actual registry to track down firearm owners. 

Whatever the future may hold, don’t buy the bull! Measures like this from the Biden Administration are meant to make an issue of thin air that legislation and regulation can be given life with.

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