LodeStar Works' LS9 Promotional Material / Screenshot from the LodeStar Works Website

The Smart Gun craze has made a return in recent months and many middle of the road Americans who like the idea of the 2nd Amendment but have concerns are excited about the technology. Veteran gun owners know all too well the pitfalls of this technology and it appears that they have been vindicated as new footage shows smart guns failing to fire more than once.

LodeStar Works introduced its smart gun to the world a few weeks ago and at first glance it appeared to be a standard 9mm handgun the functioned as advertised but new footage shared by 6ABC’s Christie Ileto shows the gun failing to fire a second round.

This video clearly shows the shooter unlocking the firearm, loading a magazine, firing one round, and then failing to fire another round. He actually pulls the trigger 3 times in this video, those last two trigger pulls do not cause the gun to fire. If this is a failure of the smart technology on the firearm it could very easily get someone killed during a self defense situation. 

Now yes, this video could be showing a failure of the ammunition in the handgun but that just isn’t as likely as the smart technology failing. 

It should also be noted that the individual firing the LodeStar Works handgun in this video has a Glock on his hip and not a smart gun from LodeStar Works. 

One thing that would be interesting to see is someone independent getting their hands on this handgun and getting an honest review of the technology. One prime candidate for this would be the Lock Picking Lawyer on YouTube, this individual takes apart and picks various locks available to the consumer market. LPL has previously defeated several locks that used biometric technology and it would be interesting to get his perspective on this specific smart gun from LodeStar Works.

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