The FN High Power / Photo from FN America

The legends over at FN America have released the FN High Power after having previously discontinued to line in 2017.

The original High Power was NATO’s sidearm of choice for over 80 years and has found a modern home in the collections of hunters and sport shooters across the country.

These firearms will come with a standard magazine capacity of 17+1 and several improvements have been made to the firearms ergonomics and fire control design.

The FN High Power / Photo from FN America

The new High Power line comes in 3 colors and will come with a verity of grips for those looking to mark a high power as their own. The High Power will be available in black, FDE, and stainless steel. The black and FDE versions have an MSRP of $1,269 and the stainless steel version has an MSRP of $1,369.

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