Federal 9mm Ammo / Photo by Jack Shepherd

Many across America like to stay prepared for the worst possible outcome, doomsday. These individuals have stocked up on food, gasoline, ammo, and other assorted goods. There are things that these people often forget about, despite the many hours of preparation. 

There are some items that have value in the later stages of the apocalypse while others have value in those early stages of the end times. Point is, a lot of these items are worth their weight in gold the day after tomorrow. 

Here are items that preppers always forget to stock up on: 

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Bemused Berserker
Bemused Berserker
4 months ago

Instead of pre-rolled cigarettes, consider bags of tobacco and rolling papers. They’re cheaper to buy as they’re taxed less in most States.

When I first started prepping 12 years ago, I bought a lot of Lifestraws. Lifestraws are good, buy they have a very limited capacity (1,000 gallons), and they’re not easily adaptable. I ended up replacing all with Sawyer Minis, which last far longer (10,000 gallons and adapt for various uses. I kept the Lifestraws stored in my tote of barter/swap items though.

Another item to consider is Ammunition. Though pricey, especially right now with the shortage. Having a few boxes of ammo in calibers you may not own a gun for, will be a valuable commodity. I don’t own a 30-06, .308, 7mm Magnum, 20 GA, .410, 16 GA, .45 Colt, .45 ACP, .32 ACP or .32 Magnum, but I’ve two boxes of each of those calibers in my Barter Tote. They’re popular calibers that will be hard to find. Though I’ve stores of the ammo I do use, I’d be hesitant to trade that ammo for anything.

The author’s spot on. Many of these items he’s listed will be worth their weight in gold.

Full Mag Staff
4 months ago

You know with this list we wanted to stray away from the easy stuff. Ammo shouldn’t be too far off the top of the list for many preppers but the ammo for calibers you don’t own is certainly a great idea, one more people should consider!

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