The Sig MCX Spear with Suppressor and Optic / Photo by Sig Sauer

As many are aware by now, there has been a very important military trial going on that will decide what firearm will replace the Army’s standard rifle and Sig Sauer has been killing it with their submission. Sig Sauer’s submission is impressive to be sure but don’t take our word for it or Army’s word for it, because soon you will be able to pick up a consumer variant of this rifle yourself, introducing the Sig MCX Spear. 

The MCX Spear’s Magazine and 277 Sig Fury Ammunition / Photo by Sig Sauer

The Sig MCX Spear will be made available in Sig Sauer’s new .277 Fury caliber as well as 6.5 Creedmoor, and 7.62 NATO. A simple barrel change is all that is required to swap between these calibers and this can be done at home by the end-user. 

The MCX Spear’s Non-Reciprocating Side Charging Handle / Photo by Sig Sauer

The rifle will feature both rear and side non-reciprocating charging handles as well as ambidextrous fire control, magazine release, and bolt catch. This rifle is the new everyman’s rifle based on these aspects alone. 

The MCX Spears 6 Position Folding Stock / Photo by Sig Sauer

The stock of the MCX Spear is a major talking point on its own. The stock is 6 positions and will allow users to really get comfortable with it in hand. The stock also folds which will help with both storage and transport of the rifle. 

.277 Sig Fury Ammunition / Photo by Sig Sauer

Sig Sauer’s MCX Spear will be chambered in .277 Fury which is the civilian variant of the Army’s new 6.8×51 hybrid ammunition.

The MCX Spear will be shipping with 2 twenty round mags and some of Sig’s new .277 Fury ammunition. 

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