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For many state leaders and politicians in general 2A politics takes a back seat to other issues, this won’t be the case in Georgia for very long.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has promised to bring Constitutional Carry to the state and will push the legislature to make it a priority this year.

As reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: 

Gov. Brian Kemp formally endorsed legislation to expand Georgians’ rights to carry firearms, putting a divisive effort to loosen gun restrictions at the top of his agenda amid a bruising reelection campaign.

The Republican announced his plan Wednesday to allow more Georgians to carry concealed weapons without a state permit, framing the initiative as the fulfillment of a pledge he made during his 2018 run for governor.

“In the face of rising violent crime across the country, law-abiding citizens should have their constitutional rights protected — not undermined,” he said in a speech at Adventure Outdoors, a massive gun range and firearms store in Smyrna.

“And while this position has recently become popular for others as we enter the campaign season, my position has remained the same,” Kemp said. “I believe the United States Constitution grants the citizens of our state the right to carry a firearm without state government approval.”

Governor Kemp needs a leg up politically as this year is also an election year and he could be ousted from the Governor’s mansion if he doesn’t get some steam soon. That being said, this is a great opportunity for the 2A community to score a win in the state and mark another constitutional carry state on the map.

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