Photo of Kyle Rittenhouse at his trial / Screenshot from FOX6 via YouTube

Kyle Rittenhouse was cleared of any wrongdoing in his trial and is now a free man. Rittenhouse found himself in an awful situation, he had to defend himself from several individuals who were armed with melee weapons and firearms, he ended up killing two people and wounding a third in this self-defense situation. The AR-15 he used to defend himself is now being destroyed, here is why.

Kyle Rittenhouse has opted to destroy the AR-15 he used that night in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Rittenhouse was making an appearance on The Charlie Kirk Show when he revealed the fate of his rifle. “We don’t want anything to do with that,” Rittenhouse told Kirk. 

The decision to destroy the rifle is not all that strange, in fact it goes to show just how human Rittenhouse is. Self-Defense situations can be mentally taxing, it was clear from the trial and his breakdown at it that the shooting took a toll on the young man. Having to keep the rifle that he used in the shooting would bring back these terrible memories constantly. 

Some online have suggested that he auction the rifle off to cover some of the legal fees, this would have been in poor taste and considering the media storm surrounding the trial this was the right call. (Besides, the defamation lawsuits that will come from the media coverage of his trial will let him buy many more rifles. 

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1 month ago

Unlike the Hollywood elite-wanna-be that recently shot his co-worker on a movie set, Mr. Rittenhouse openly admits ‘pulling the trigger’….because he needed to defend himself. The Hollywood wanna-be claims NOT to have pulled the trigger…because he needs to defend himself. What a POS.

1 month ago

I watched some of the Rittenhouse trail, seemingly unlike many detractors who look at this immature kid as a murderer without reflecting why he used his weapon against those characters. These agitators appeared as hardline demonstrators, but they apparently had questionable backgrounds. They threatened Kyle and he rightfully feared for his life. Was he wise to have even gone to that gathering of hostiles? No! But, it demonstrated his immaturity by even being there facing people who would have no love for him and would react to his presence with threatening emotions and even revenge especially in the heat of the moment.

1 month ago
Reply to  A-Jay

Seems the reason he was there is because the “mature” adults that were cops were letting the city burn. Seems to me that Kyle grew up rather quickly and was more then willing to do what needed to be done when it came to protecting himself. I think you may be projecting YOUR immaturity. Because MEN run into danger not from it. So YES he was wise to have gone into that situation. He was a brave MATURE young man. Geezzzz…why should I even have to post this?

1 month ago

How would it have been in “poor taste” to auction it off? Seems like a good idea to me.

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