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Michael Graham
8 months ago

You are right on on the “self defense case” from Wisconsin. The saving element was that the jury of citizens saw the evidence and came to the conclusion that they did in spite of the threats of violence and the attempts to intimidate them. ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!! Like you say, leave this kid alone. Give him some peace.

8 months ago

I agree that something’s rotten in L.A. Makes me wonder what this guy has on the officials that basically gave him a pass.
Re: Kyle Whosehisface, Dude. Lighten up. I get that he’s a young guy, and I get the thing about our brains still maturing at that age-but- he put himself on the line to help others; and nearly lost his life; and then his freedom in the process. I have no problem with him receiving a shiny medal- he’s proven that he has a chest to pin it on. As for people cozying up to him, ya, that’s what politicians do. 🤷‍♂️
Peace and opposing digits upright. 👍🏻

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