Photo of Kyle Rittenhouse at his trial / Screenshot from FOX6 via YouTube

During Kyle Rittenhouse’s bombshell interview with Tucker Carlson, it was revealed that Rittenhouse believes his lawyers were using him for personal gain and so much so that they made him remain in jail for a longer time than was necessary for personal and political gain.

Rittenhouse was behind bars for 87 days and according to him, the conditions in that facility were very poor. Rittenhouse told Carlson in the interview that his lawyers told him that he was safer in jail than out on the street. Rittenhouse also said that his attorney, Lin Wood, was “raised money on his behalf” and told the teenager to participate in media interviews “against his wishes.”

Rittenhouse’s attorneys had allegedly raked in over a million dollars by Sept. 5th, just a few days after his arrest but instead of bailing him out with the money, they left him in jail for 87 days.

According to Rittenhouse, he could have been out of jail as early as mid-September 2020 but was instead left there until November 20th, 2020. Rittenhouse also stated in the interview that adapting to life in jail was hard but he was eventually able to make a few acquaintances during his stay.

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Gene Ralno
Gene Ralno
10 months ago

The other side of this is the sympathy bloc. Although he received scant sympathy anyway, it would have been much less if he had walked under a bail agreement. Can you imagine the leftist shrieks if he had bailed and not served any time? I doubt that his lawyers left him in jail for money and even if they did, they’d never admit it. I watched every minute of this trial and came away with an impression that both of his lawyers were as steady and wise as were available.

Salvo Selassie
Salvo Selassie
10 months ago
Reply to  Gene Ralno

Totally different lawyers. He wised up and changed before the trial. The ones you saw on TV representing him were not the original ones that he says used him for personal gain.

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