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It has been revealed that the State of Virginia added 46,000 citizens to the FBI’s NICS prohibited person list by “mistake“.

A Freedom of Information Act(FOIA) request from Gun Owners of America(GOA) revealed that the state of Virginia had incorrectly added 46,000 Virginia to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System(NICS) database. The specific list these citizens were added to prevented them from buying a gun in any state.

How did this happen?

In the state of Virginia, if someone is voluntarily committed to a mental institution they automatically lose their gun rights. The Federal government only does this if you are involuntarily committed at a mental institution.

What happened was that those who were excluded from owning firearms in the state of Virginia were added to the federal list despite not meeting the federal criteria for being prohibited from firearm ownership.

Virginia police are allowed to add names to the NICS database and when they add an individual who is not allowed to own a firearm in the state they are supposed to mark the individual as being barred by state law. Virginia state police did not do this correctly and this is why so many were wrongly added to the list.

This story was originally broken over at Ammoland in an article by John Crump.

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Gene Ralno
Gene Ralno
24 days ago

Virginia’s gun law presumes that any form of mental illness absolutely is incurable. That should bring a shudder to every psychiatrist or anyone else associated with treatment of mental illnesses. If it should catch on in other states, nobody would ever seek counseling or commit a loved one to such care. Mentally ill persons would reject mental care.

The mental care profession would be forced into hiding. Because universities no longer would certify the profession, insurance money would disappear. It’s a nightmare created by “nuts” who believe firearms intrinsically are evil and dangerous. Perhaps believing such evil exists inside inanimate objects is a form of mental illness.

24 days ago

It’s only now a “mistake”, because they were caught. That stunt was a test run to see how many would notice and if they (gun control party *wink *wink) can implement this at a national level to get around the 2nd Amendment (2A) protections. Stay tuned, because I guarantee you they will try another “mistake” (if they get caught again) to by-pass 2A protections.

23 days ago

Could be an honest mistake but this almost certainly had to happened over a period of time. I’m guessing that 46,000 people did not commit themselves in a single day or month – it was probably many months or even years. So its more likely to be intentional.

22 days ago
Reply to  JeffT0962

One ‘mistake’ can be explained. 46,000 ‘mistakes’ have to be planned

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