An FN 509 Midsize propped up on a spare magazine / Photo by Chris O'Neil

American gun grabbers have long dreamed of creating a federal database of gun owners that contains information such as who you are and what guns you own. During the 70s Pete Shields, the chairman of the National Council to Control Handguns, said in an interview that getting a registry of handguns was the perfect bridge between slowing firearm sales and then outlawing ownership entirely. 

Thankfully, President Ronald Reagan permanently stopped any effort to create such a registry. President Reagan signed the Firearm Owners’ Protection Act in 1986, this law contained a clause that said no rule of regulation may ever require that records of gun sales, transfers, transactions, or the personal information of gun owners be made and housed in the control of the United States Government. 

Unfortunately, the Biden administration is trying to find a way to do what was outlawed by Reagan. According to the Washington Free Beacon the Biden Administration has compiled records in relation to 54 million US gun owners it is attempting to overhaul regulations to ensure that more records get into the hands of the federal government. The Washington Free Beacon’s source claims that these records are being collected and stored by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. 

Everyone who buys a gun has to fill out Form 4473, a standard form that really isn’t all that concerning. This documentation must be kept by the gun store for a period of 20 years before it can be destroyed, again not all that concerning, but if that gun store were to close these records are being sent to the ATF where they are held indefinitely.

The ATF claims that these records are needed to solve crimes involving firearms, tracking down the original owner of a firearm used in a crime is possible with these records. There is an issue with this, most murder weapons are never recovered and this data is mostly useless as a result. The ATF keeps these records indefinitely and it is suspected that they are not using these records for their reported purpose. 

While this is not a registry, it certainly acts like one. Most gun stores are small businesses, these are not giant chains that operate on massive profit margins, and this means that most of these stores shut down in just a few years. This is why the ATF now has so many records on American gun owners. 

Gun grabbers always want to run their mouths about non-existent loopholes in the process of purchasing a firearm but they themselves are operating what is effectively a registry via legal loopholes. Ironic. 

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