Glocks are the little black dress of firearms. They’re practical, popular, suitable for lots of different occasions, and can be found in any size.   

Glock started making pistols in the early 1980’s and in just 40 years has become one of the most popular and globally-recognized firearm brands of all time. 

In fact, Glock is so popular that it’s become to handguns what Kleenex is to tissues. People walk into the range all the time, say they’re there to pick up a Glock, and walk out with a Smith & Wesson, Ruger, or another brand. 

To be frank, this drives gun people crazy. It’s almost as bad as the “clip” versus “magazine” issue – they are NOT interchangeable terms. Similarly, “Glock” is not a synonym for “handgun” – despite everyone using it as such. 

Nonetheless, Glock is a tried-and-true brand of firearm and probably deserves the incredible reputation its developed over the last 40 years. 

For starters, Glocks are incredibly reliable. You can put hundreds, if not thousands, of rounds through a Glock before cleaning it and expect it to continue functioning properly. 

Glocks are also one of the more lightweight handguns on the market, as the primary material is polymer. Many manufacturers now employ polymer in the construction of their handguns, but Glock made it popular first. 

Glocks are also famous for not employing any safeties beyond the trigger safety. You won’t find one Glock on the market that has a thumb or grip safety. It’s just not something they’re concerned about. 

Last, the mechanics of Glocks are incredibly simple and make them easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble – far more so than other brands. For example, an average Glock pistol has only 35 parts while an average 1911 has 52. Fewer parts mean fewer potential problems. 

These outstanding attributes have helped make Glock the globally recognized and respected brand it is today – not just with the general public, but with military and law enforcement agencies as well. 

The only problem one might encounter with Glock is deciding which particular model is best suited for you. Glock makes over 50 pistols of varying calibers, styles, and sizes so trying to choose your perfect carry gun could be overwhelming. 

Personally, I love the Glock 43 9mm and frequently wear it for my concealed carry weapon. It has a smaller frame (6.3” length and 4.2” height), a single-stack magazine that makes it slimmer and more concealable and weighs 18 ounces unloaded. 

However, that’s just my personal Glock preference and I always encourage my students to visit a range that rents firearms and try out a few before purchasing. Fortunately, because Glocks are so popular, most ranges will have a large selection of Glock pistols to choose from. 

As far as cleaning and maintenance go, the only thing I should note is that when disassembling a Glock, you will have to pull the trigger. This makes some folks nervous but if you double check the chamber beforehand it shouldn’t be a problem. 

In conclusion, if you’re cool with not having a safety on your carry gun then you might consider visiting a range and trying out a few Glocks. There’s a good chance you’ll find one you enjoy. 

Grace Boatright is a professional firearms safety instructor and second amendment advocate based in Alexandria, Virginia. A 7th-generation Texan, Grace has over 20 years of firearms experience and over 10 years of experience working in Washington D.C.’s government affairs community. She teaches firearms and range safety, concealed handgun permit, and skill improvement courses on a weekly basis to a diverse group of students, both adult and youth.

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Bemused Berserker
Bemused Berserker
25 days ago

Glock was not the first manufacturer to employ exclusive use of Polymers in a Pistol. HK, Heckler and Koch, were the first with the release of their VP-70 Pistol in 1970 . HK beat Glock by 12 years.

FMN seems to be on a Glock Fan of Trend. I would remind FMN that Glock has never addressed their crappy trigger until the 5th Generation guns.

Sorry, I’m not on the Glock Wagon

8 days ago

BemusedBerserker: Springfield Hellcat double-stack 11/13 has my vote.

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