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Republicans in the State of Michigan are following in the footsteps of other states and electing to push legislation that will protect gun owners and the 2nd Amendment in the event of an emergency.

During the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic many officials instituted statewide lockdowns, Michigan being one of those states, and with those lockdowns came the closing of “non-essential” businesses. Gun stores in the state were marked as non-essential and this was cause for concern in the eyes of many.

This should no longer be an issue in Michigan as Republicans in the state are moving to make sure that gun stores can remain open in the event of an emergency declaration.

Michigan House Bill 5187 and House Bill 5188 were subject to a hearing in the Michigan House Oversight Committee this past Thursday. Proponents and opponents of the legislation appeared to testify before the committee at this hearing.

Critics of this legislation are voicing concerns that this bill will limit the ability of the Michigan Department of Health and the governor’s mansion to enact public safety measures.

The bill’s supporters claim that allowing people to buy guns during an emergency is important and is in line with the 2nd Amendment.

It is ultimately a long shot for this bill to go the distance and actually become law, but this could serve as a powerful reminder for states that are under control of Republicans to pass measures like this before tides change.

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Just me
Just me
1 month ago

Here comes the Maggot Bloomturd owned gun grabbing lemmings making more FALSE CLAIMS that this is a health and public safety problem. They couldn’t tell the truth if a harpoon was about to be shoved up their backside. The only thing they want to do is disarm every law abiding citizen while they kiss the derriere of their owner, Maggot Bloomturd, and the criminals who could care less about gun laws.

1 month ago

Tyrant traitor dictator nitwitSHITLER will never sign ANY pro gun, pro 2nd Amendment legislation

1 month ago

Watch your backs 2nd Amend. patriots. We have already seen certain Rep. legislature turncoat with the initials of MS give away the right to carry in the state capital!!!
Next election needs to put a end to all neo-cons and RINO’s who do not support our values!

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