We The People Holsters FN 509 Midsize Holster with Bag / Photo by Chris O'Neil

Conceal Carry is a touchy subject for some, for others not so much. 

Some people don’t want to give up their secrets while others will talk you out of the room with theirs, but that’s all things really. One thing the shadowy types and the blabbermouths share is making mistakes. Everyone has a mistake here or there and when it comes to concealing carry there are plenty of mistakes to make. Some mistakes you might make will be worse than others and it’s best to learn from them rather than be made by them. 

Here are 8 mistakes that you don’t want to make with Conceal Carry: 

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Marty Koval
Marty Koval
1 month ago

I agree that you should always carry your hand gun. You never know when you might need it to defend yourself or someone else. I try to avoid any establishment that post no guns allowed, unless I absolutely need to go into that establishment.

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