FN 509 Midsize in it's holster with the provided lock and a spare magazine. / Photo by Chris O'Neil

With all the bad news circulating across the country we actually have some good news to share, note it’s not the kind of news that the MSM usually shares anyway. 

Concealed Carry is becoming more and more popular despite many states adopting constitutional carry. This rise in the number of concealed carry permits granted coincides with the number of who are buying guns for the first time. This trend would suggest that Americans aren’t just buying guns for defense of their homes, but they are going out of their way to buy guns for their personal defense. 

Dr. John R. Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center along with Carlisle E. Moody, the Research Director and a Professor at the College of William & Mary, and Rujun Wang released a 75-page report about the new statistics surrounding active carry permits and in which states these permit holders reside. 

The report notes that there are no less than 21.52 million Americans with active carry permits across the country, this means that about 8.3% of adults in the general population have active concealed carry permits. It should go without saying that many Americans carry without permit in constitutional carry states and many more carry regardless of the law. 

The 8.3% of the population figure is artificially low as a result of some states having difficult permit requirements. Many states have a higher percentage of concealed carry permit holders, but a few states issue permits to less than 1% of their population. The report notes that the 8 states that may issue permit systems issue permits to “only 1.24 percent of their adult population compared to 10.77 percent for the other states.”

The upcoming battle in the Supreme Court, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, may change the rules in these states. If  NYSRPA wins their case we can expect to see even more concealed carry permit holders across the country.


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2 months ago

The fact that more people than ever before are carrying firearms for self-protection is sure to frustrate the efforts of leftists to make American’s streets safe for criminals and terrorists.

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