Road Rage is all too common in America and when guns get in the mix someone is bound to be seriously hurt if not worse. Worse yet, road rage is becoming all the more common on America’s post pandemic highways.

Early on Sunday morning in Harris County, Texas the sheriff’s department got a calla bout a shooting on the Eastex Freeway towards Houston, Texas. The call came from the shooter himself, according to the shooter he had to defend himself from another driver who was threatening his life.

The shooting was the result of a heated road rage incident. One man cut the other shooter off and then got out of his car with a crowbar. The shooter fired a warning shot but then took aim at the man when he began smashing up his car with said crowbar. When shooting the man did not stop his attack he managed to speed off while the crowbar wielding man was out of his car, after he was a safe distance away he called the police and alerted them to the situation.

When the police arrived they found the wounded man on the ground and took him to the hospital for treatment. The man was taken to the hospital for treatment and may be facing charges. The police told KHOU-TV that they areĀ  “having a bit of trouble” with the injured man but the shooter is cooperating with police.


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Gene Ralno
Gene Ralno
1 month ago

This would signal quite a change for Houston where, under the prior Chief, Arturo Acevedo, it was known as the city where “you can beat the rap but not the ride.” In other words, if you were stopped for any reason and the officer found a gun, you were arrested and released while your firearm was “temporarily” confiscated.

Apparently, Acevedo’s rules have been suspended and Houston now recognizes the inviolability of the 2nd Amendment. Kudos for that. And last I heard, Acevedo has been suspended from his new job as Miami’s Chief of Police by Arthur Noriega, Miami’s City Manager. Kudos for that too.

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