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Constitutional Carry is making its way around the country and states in every corner of the nation are starting to debate and even pass this legislation, what is the next state to pass this legislation? It might just be Florida.

Florida has a long storied history when it comes to the 2nd Amendment and the state has not always been pro-2A, but with Republicans in firm control of the legislature and governor’s desk, Constitutional Carry has a real chance at passing in the sunshine state. Be aware that this recent attempt at putting forward Constitutional Carry in the state is not the first attempt and it has failed in the past.

Florida State Representative Anthony Sabatini has put forward the measure but is afraid that Florida Speaker of the House Chris Sprowls will shut it down.

Rep. Sabatini took some shots at Speaker Sprowls over Twitter in an effort to force his hand and bring the Constitutional Carry bill up for debate in the house.

Flordia Speaker Chris Sprowls is just one of many obstacles in passing Constitutional Carry in Florida, like with many things related to firearms the issue boils down to misinformation and a general lack of firearm knowledge. Florida GOP Chair and State Senator Joe Gruters express concern about the impact this might have on Florida’s tourism economy. Senator Gruters explained that he might not support the legislation because he doesn’t want people roaming the beaches with “assault weapons.”

This is a wacky take to have and it’s pretty crazy to say. If this was a real concern then Gruters could advocate for an exemption on the carrying of long arms on public beaches in the legislation. As someone who frequents beaches, I am not aware of any instance where someone brought an AR-15 with them to go boogie boarding or sun tanning. Again, this was a truly bizarre take from Senator Gruters.

It is unclear if Constitutional Carry will pass in the state, but the odds are in our favor so long as we can overcome these internal hurdles.

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