Photo by Peretz Partensky via Flickr

Defending one’s own life or the lives of others is a very serious thing, and unfortunately more and more Americans are being forced into situations where they need to engage in acts of self defense. 

Some self defense situations are as clear as they can be, one man was attacked by another and he had to draw his firearm, but others are not as clear. Some of these stories are wild and have extraordinary details you probably wouldn’t believe even if you witness the event. 

Conservatives know that they are the only individuals responsible for their own safety, and now many liberals are starting to learn this. The defund the police movement started the ball rolling for many liberal Americans when it comes to self defense, conservatives knew that the police don’t get there fast enough and now the liberals think that the police are not reliable enough. As bad as it is for the boys in blue, this will ultimately increase support for the second amendment. 

Here are the wildest self defense stories that you need to see: 

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